10 comments on “Juicing Your Pets

  1. My Orchid of Doom (Ammen Vale Lashling) is a very strong pet. I can’t wait to upgrade it (her? him??) to blue quality.

    BTW, I named my bombling Jokey, as in a reference to Jokey Smurf’s exploding gifts.

    • I’ve honestly been lazy on some of my naming. Some I bang off right away (Toomes the Vulture, for example) and others I ponder. In the case of the Bombling I just haven’t decided if I want to go the obvious route and name him Bob.

      Ammen Vale Lashling is one of the many pets I don’t yet have. Same with Whelplings, but I’ve seen what they can do. I’m trying get variety, and then I’ll strengthen. Whether I find a better one or use an upgrade stone, we shall see. All I know is I might just use my first stone on my poor quality Baby Ape.

      But, unless it’s because I need to tame one (for specific pet, a skin, or rarity), I think the days of fighting level 1 pets are starting to fade. I like the “insert `em for a one shot” approach better. 😀

  2. When I got to Dustwallow and saw the trainer I had to fight had all dragonkin, I knew I needed a different pet. Swapped out the chicken for the Goblin of Love and started leveling him this way. First two fights he got 2 levels “P

    • I’ve heard Peddlefeet is a dragon killer. To be honest, I only went and got one after I heard that (10g). Goodness knows the PvP dragon whooped me but good. But how often I actually implement a dragon team in PvP remains to be seen. I’d rather do fun lineups than pure nerf builds, but I also don’t want my backside handed to me in grand fashion every contest. 🙂

      Getting back to the main point, it is a ridiculously easy process. I don’t know if it was something Blizzard intended or what but it sure saves time. I just sit and wonder which pet I feel like boosting at the particular moment in time. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the tips! 🙂

    Lvling multipe pets does indeed get a bit tedious. This looks like it’ll make it a lot faster and much more fun.

    I’d heard a little about using higher lvl pets to boost, but I hadn’t thought of combining it with debuffs and heals. Sound almost fool proof! 😀

    *logs on WoW to go lvl pets*

    • Indeed. Depending on the circumstances you can get a full level per battle. In some cases, you can set it up right that two pets will do it. That takes knowing what your main pet in that case can do (and handle) a little bit more though.

  4. Hehe, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing although I sometimes boost two pets at a time 😛
    I was doing this just last night 🙂

    • Great minds think alike!

      As I said, it’s something so simple, you either think of it right away or it just never occurs to you.

    • My wife was heckling me about that…and yet I haven’t actually played Pokemon in more than a dozen years and even THAT was Pokemon Red on a Gameboy (which I’m proud to say is now in my son’s bin of toys).

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