6 comments on “Thuzad Teh Bashturd (Oh, And Dragons Too!)

  1. She’s over there crying in her beer, ah, wine. She’s so ashamed and not speaking to me as I went and told everyone about it in a post. She feels so betrayed, yeah, she’ll get over it, she never says mad too long.

    Oh no! I hate when that happens, you finally find the rare you’re looking for and accidentally kill it, hope he turns up again. I’m a great one for forgetting which level team I have before bonking something.

    • It wasn’t even that I was inappropriate level for the Spawn. I had the Spirit out and once again Tum’s stellar trap skills lead to two misses. I forgot a divebomb would kill the Spawn and that’s exactly what I did.

  2. Eww I forgot about that mind control. Maybe I’m glad I had to skip out early.

    Sorry about that btw, but I did get a couple of upgrades in the guild heroics we ran, so it was probably worth it. 🙂

    • It’s all good. Knew we were in for a night after I told someone to bring their tank when there was a level 90 one…

  3. I predict LBR may be paying KT another visit after 5.1 drops. They just announced they are adding pet drops from the bosses in all vanilla raids and Naxx including Mr Bigglesworth.

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