14 comments on “The Blind Approach

  1. Turning on “auto decline guild invites” is one of the first things I do with a new character, as a default setting. It still dumbfounds me when I get an invite from the same person multiple times in a day or a few days in a row.

    I was really boggled, though, when I was on one of my alts last week and I got a whisper from someone asking me to drop my guild, join their guild, run some dungeons with them, and then “you can just go back to your old guild”. HA! Ha ha, ha ha. The alt I was on happened to be the GM of my personal alt/banking guild, so I finally whispered back, “this character is the guildmaster of this guild, so no, no thank you.” I would have declined even if it had been one of my other characters, but I might have had a more difficult time finding a polite way to phrase it!

    • Wow, the whole “drop your guild” person is a whole new type of individual I’ve yet to encounter.

      …and yes, the repeated invites from someone who’s just oblivious due to sending out invites to anyone not in a guild is just head-shaking. I really wonder what some of these guilds are actually like. “Okay, tonight we’re going to hit the new Mists raid. Healers, you’re numbered 1-5 and we’re going to random roll. Whatever two numbers we roll first are out. Sorry about your luck. Either that or just invite the first 10 people online and wonder why you have six healers and no tank.

  2. Want to hear something even more dumbfounding? I found out that these people are randomly inviting + sending said generic whispers with an add-on. That actually angers me. Not only are you discourteous, but you are lazy too…

    ~ Effy

    • Yeah, when I got one on my main account and my RaF account at the exact same time, I came to that conclusion. I’m with you on anger level for that one.

    • I didn’t either until I started writing this post…and then realized I should quickly double check before I rip the game a new one for a feature I don’t even know about.

  3. I would have gone even crazier long ago without that feature. And when you actually get a polite whisper and chat from someone it really reflects well on their guild but it’s been years since that’s happened.

  4. I did that too on my low alliance toon. Unfortunately, the psts still happen but I can live with that… I’m so with you being polite though when asking for things, esp when I’m on the receiving end. I always make an conscious effort to be courteous though. But that’s just me.

    • I remember when I created Claws of Nature. I knew next to nothing, and simply looked for people without a guild. I politely whispered them, asking if they wouldn’t mind signing my guild charter. They could stay or go. Not one person refused. One also ended up being the often mentioned Magik. It was how we met actually.

  5. I usually get the spiel asking me to send a tell if I want an invite. If I’m on an alternate server, I may just accept it. I have discovered one gem that way. But if I’m going to risk accepting an invite, the guild best be at least level 10… so I guess those already have some established community.

    • I would agree with you now for sure, seeing how fast my small guild has gone from level 12 to 20 in about a month. The flipside of that I suppose is that anyone can be 25 now.

      The ones asking to whisper if I want an invite don’t bother me nearly as much. At least those respect the fact I might not be interested, rather than just throwing it at me.

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