12 comments on “*Poof*

  1. Sorry to hear that your new meds have been giving you such trouble. I hope that things are getting better by now.

    Hmm, I wonder if your plans for that third Cinder Kitten might have something to do with the Transmogrification stuff you haven’t managed to post quite yet…. I am certainly planning to pick up a Cinder Kitten for myself once it becomes available.

    • Actually the kitten and the transmogging you speak of were unrelated. I had wanted to spend the month of November doing a mog a day. The idea was that I would make an outfit based off a loot drop on a character the same day. It just never got off the ground, unfortunately.

  2. Cinderkitten ftw! OMG JD, you don’t have to apologize for being a person in RL 😛 I only hope you can work out the issues with your medicine! Get RL squared away and the blog will follow – Now, if your are giving out a cinderkitten to really hip warlocks, I might have to put my application in so keep me in mind!

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a rough trot lately. Hope things look up for you soon. I don’t blame you about the Cinder Kittens 🙂

  4. Sorry for your computer and meds woes, I hope both turn around soon. Yes, I can’t wait for a Cinder Kitten or two. And there was a Halloween Event in Tyria? Hangs head in shame, those characters are probably going to give me a talking to when I get back.

    • The Lost Shores event starts Friday at Noon PST. I’m at work. Phase Two starts at Noon PST Saturday…I’m away. The final event is Noon PST Sunday. I’m damn sure planning on being there! lol.

      Apparently there are other things going on throughout as well, though.

  5. All those bad things are poopie 😦 but those cinder kittens really do look awesome. Glad some stuff is getting sorted, hope that it’s all on the up soon.

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