14 comments on “Inevitable Question

    • It’s some of the same issue, I just put off dealing with it until after Christmas. That was kind of my plan from the get go.

    • Heh, I’m used to it now. But (as my comments here and on other blogs suggest) I’m not spending nearly as much time at one, so that can’t be a bad thing, right?

  1. Aside from computer issues, JD, not really sure what the stand is here. You love to play, it’s a game, and the new expansion has pretty stuff. But hey, perhaps it is what I should have done months ago, and just stop playing new material. Kind of like dressing up the crack pipe, but it’s still crack!

    • Oh, visually the expansion is amazing. From what I’ve seen I’m not about to dispute that. I’m just not that interested in it, and prefer it that way. I could get the expansion, and knowing me, get pulled fully back into the game. I can’t express how much I really don’t want that right now. Also, there’s a character connection. I already have more than enough to do with the characters I have. Putting several through 5 more levels of content just tires me out thinking about it (because there are some I just couldn’t leave behind).

  2. JD!!!! How are you sir!!! lol and how dare you took me off from your blogroll!!! pif!! joke anyway, Hows it going? I was expecting you could join us for the BA thanksgiving event this year. But its okay maybe next year. Anyway, You have a great Holiday! and Thank you. =)

    • I miss you. 🙂

      You know what, I so wanted to take part…but I was drawing a complete blank this year on what to do. I was disappointed I didn’t come up with a single idea!

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