7 comments on “Player Inclusion

    • There is a certain tranquility…especially when I know I can enter a zone and not end up flagged…with a clock that refuses to countdown.

  1. I hate to be the rain on the parade here, so to say, but I imagine the reason for level adjustments would be more based on the age of the game and the percentage of the playerbase who are at max level than anything. WoW is now 8 years old, and most of the player base has not one but several max level characters, or characters who were max level prior to must recent content, as opposed to this “other game” with merely a few months under its belt.

    I agree the Theramore storyline was not handled to my full satisfaction, nor that of many. I agree the lack of world event was unfortunate, and a poor choice. I agree that an item level to participate in a world event is overkill, since that scenario was the extent of the world event.

    However, world events have always had a progressive level of availability. There is a moderate amount of content available to low levels, and more content as you reach the max level. Most have dungeons that do have a item level requirement, because of the level needed and items available upon completion.

    I am not saying in the least this is the only way to do it. But it seems farfetched to proclaim that because “another game” is doing X, which may purely be based on the percentage of their players who have obtained max level, that it should be the new mold.

    ~ Effy

    • I completely understand what you’re saying and I know we’re discussing apples and oranges as it were, but let’s face it: World of Warcraft continues to succeed by taking what other games do and putting their own spin on it (on top of their own development of course). This is something I think in a way is applicable just the same. Should it be full scale? No. I just happen to think there are cases where it could, and should, be applied.

  2. JD,

    I think any content that can reach more players and make them feel emersed is a good thing. I remember when I first started the game a level 60 hunter escorted my level 40 toon through several areas using Aspect of the Pack that I wouldn’t normally have been able to survive out in the wilds on my own. It made me excited for more content because of the glimpses of the endgame I hadn’t yet seen. I think if it were done correctly, it would be very cool.

    The trick is…would they be able to pull it off without problems like CRZs?

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