7 comments on “Dawn of 5.1

  1. I didn’t even know this until this morning, this makes the wait so much worse, lol. Battle Stones! I can’t wait to upgrade, I must get my priority list in order as it changes all the time.

    And I am so thankful I won’t have to do all that logging into a free account and grouping anymore, I always thought my computer would blow up or something having two WoWs up and running to get into raids.

    • You know you could have just asked me any time I was on. Heh.

      I can see me trying to track down Battle Stones when I’m on, and even the underground fighting. Those are both of interest to me (at least in the initial concept).

      • Oh, thank you. But I agonize over even speaking to someone for fear that I’m disturbing them let alone ask a favor. I know weird but I’m slowly getting better, I think I have actually spoken to you first maybe once, lol!

        • Both myself and Healblade are very approachable for stuff like that. Consider that if either of us are actually busy, we’ll simply say as such and try to figure out when we can help you just the same. 😀

  2. You know, I went to the link that is supposed to list the most recent patch notes and all I see is 5.0.5. I’d love to know where you’re getting your info JD, especially on a Tuesday when the game’s down and I’m having my morning coffee. 😉

    • Well, WoW Insider posted the news last night, which I stumbled on during my break. Then I tracked down some of my patch note links and went with some of the more recent information that correlated with what I had heard was still going to come to pass. There’s some other information that I approached with a wait and see what’s official when the realms are live. At least I made sure to download the patch for Mrs. Amateur before I came to work!

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