14 comments on “5.1 Under The Radar Stuff

  1. Regarding Blingtron the quest doesn’t seem to have a character level as I did it on my level 20 bank alt yesterday. Another of the unannounced changes is they nerfed the respawn rate on herb and mining nodes and instead of getting 3 golden lotuses for a spirit of harmony it’s now only 2.

    • Stands to reason the herb and mining nodes were changed as from what I’ve heard, the farming has been crazy so far. I wonder if they kept it high so that the economy didn’t soar as it usually does with a new expansion.

      Makes sense with the Blingtron going BoA that you can do it on any toon. I much prefer it that way actually.

      • You could always do Blingtron on lower level characters (at least, under 80); but it’s good to know that it’s now an account thing (though – feh! Why? It’s not like you could get a lot of money from them. The most valuable thing I ever saw was the +skill points to primary profession

        • It must have been hotfixed at some point, because in the early days I could not even see the quest on anyone under 80.

          And there are valuables, they just have an incredibly low drop rate. Heck, a couple of times I got a grey that vendored for 200g. But there is the chance of a mount drop, granted at a less than 1% rate of likelihood.

  2. OMG, that Wintersaber/Raptor thing is the best news ever!! I’ve always wanted a Wintersaber, just never been interested in another grind, lol. Any idea if it works on the Spectral gryphon/windrider?

    As far as unannounced changes that really matter, they fixed it so it actually looks like Dey has 2 swords on his warrior’s back, instead of one weird, flat X shaped thing 😀

    • I would have to have a spectral in order to know the answer to that…ask Mrs. Amateur. She stole all my Scroll of Resurrection targets. 😀

  3. Ah, so that’s why the Venomhide Ravasaur showed up in my “recent achievements” list after the patch, even though I got it ages ago.

    On the one hand, I’d been kind of sad that those kinds of mounts/achievements didn’t cross faction. On the other hand, I’d been looking forward to doing the Wintersaber chain and seeing how it was same/different from the Ravasaur chain. Hmm. I hope I can still do the Wintersaber chain anyway even though my Alliance characters will now already be able to ride it.

  4. So, I checked if the cross-faction thing had also been applied to the guild mount — the Kor’kron Scorpion/Golden King — and it had! Huzzah!
    I didn’t particularly want the Kor’kron scorpion, but I picked it up in the waning days of Cataclysm anyway just in case it would go cross-faction and allow my Alliance characters to ride the Golden King when patch 5.0 went live. Then I was sad that it didn’t, and I’d been hoping that this change would be made sometime in the future. Now it has, and my Alliance characters CAN ride the Golden King! 😀

    • Nice! That makes me happy since I think the Scorpion is awesome and my Alliance Guild is closing in on level 24.

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