10 comments on “She’s Gonna Take A Swing At Me

  1. Excellent suggestion. I hope they do it. Navispam was just what we needed at the tail end of an expansion, some fun! But yeah … best not to talk about that strange aversion to alts.

  2. JD, This is an awesome idea!!!!! I definitely think that Navi should have a spot on WoWInsider for their 15 minutes of fame thingy. I echo TotA, in that her NaviSpams were exactly what we needed at the end of the expac.

    I would also add TotA to the list of people they need to write up! Which means, I need to go nominate him/her!!!!

    Good idea, JD!

    • Tome’s definitely another great one. I figured if I picked her, people would think I could be bribed by pets like the Cinder Kitten.

      I mean, I totally can. I just don’t need everyone knowing that.

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