Chieves For A Non-Chiever

So as it seems I didn’t do enough with WoW yesterday, I kept myself busy into the evening.  Siori had flown down around the Caverns of Time (for no particular reason…and if she did have a reason, it wasn’t there) and I decided to check what her Keepers of Time reputation was at (since Exalted held one of the few Enchants she needed yet).  She was about 2k away so into Black Morass I went.  Wasn’t sure that even on Heroic I was going to get enough, to be honest.  However, my backup plan was just to run it again once or twice on regular to finish it off.  But, I didn’t have to:


Yeah, when you see people hitting 50 and 60 and whatnot, 15 seems kinda diminutive.  But then I usually only do the ones I really want something from (hence I never had any trouble offering my services to Wyrmrest Accord).  So I probably have plenty of characters at various stages of Honoured and Revered, but it isn’t often I hit Exalted.  I will say this, the Keepers of Time have themselves a rather spiffy tabard.

After that, I resumed my pet taming efforts.  Namely, I headed off to Outland with Tumunzahar (he’s got 310 flight, so it just makes sense…and mining).  I went out there on the premise of leveling some pets so that I could eventually get my Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Tamer achievements as all I have left for either one is the Cataclysm zones.  So off I went into Outland and a short while later…


Yep, I captured a Cat in the Netherstorm to get the achievement.  I’m still not certain what they’re doing out there.  I had a shot at a Nether Ray, but it whooped me.  However, when I got the Tamer achievement I decided to look close at Outland Safari.  I needed eight, and two of them were in Netherstorm.  I captured a Nether Roach easily enough.  They’re everywhere.  The previously mentioned Fledgeling Nether Ray is less often, but still there if you don’t mind flying around a bit.  Well, the first one kicked my arse, and the second one I trapped but then lost the fight.  That happened once more before I accidentally killed one.  Seems it was all for a good reason, as the next one was a Rare and it was tamed properly and the match was won.

Can I just interrupt my ventures to share something?  Words cannot be spewed vehemently enough to share just how tedious this scene is:


As I griped to Real ID folks, I do not understand it.  Tum faithfully needs five or six traps to catch a pet.  I mean, when it takes him less than four, I’m in pure shock. I have pets go from full health to dead in the time he fails to catch something.  You could cover something in beer and he’d still not get it.  My other toons?  They average 1-3 traps.  I know some will profess RNG, but I’m almost to the point where that seems shenanigans at best.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, safari.  So I tamed my Netherstorm ones and looked to see where the remaining half dozen could be found.  The Scaled Basilisk Hatchling and Skittering Cave Crawler were both in Blade’s Edge so that’s where I went next.  I found a spot where the Basilisks were everywhere.  As a Cave Crawler joined the first battle, I had tamed both in next to no time.  Four to go!

I circled down into Zangarmarsh and over to Sporeggar for the Sprout.  If you’re not familiar, these things spawn about every 15 minutes (the only saving grace for a zone that has nothing more than Toads and Snakes).  Of course, the area is also camped pretty good on average.  Well, I sat in the middle of the town and low and behold one spawned…and my stupid bird got caught on a mushroom.  I wish the Orc that swooped in was flagged…

Knowing I had fifteen minutes before another one I decided to venture off and catch something else.  The Warpstalker Hatchling was a piece of cake but there was no Flayer Youngling.  Back to Sporeggar I went and saw three Sprouts.  I zoomed in and went after one with relative ease.  Can I just say, when you get to Outland you really should go get a Clefthoof Runt because they’re adorable and hit like a tank.  It was one of the ones I grabbed first out there because I knew I wanted one and it proved to be a boon against pretty much everything else.  So I caught my Uncommon Sprout and was down to a mere two pets.

I flew over the ridge again and still no Flayers.  So out to Shadowmoon Valley.  The Fel Flame is so cool looking I was certain it would be a rare spawn.  I went into the fire area and sure enough there was nothing.  I flew north of the Warden’s Cage and began making my way along the river towards The Hand of Gul’dan when I saw one.  I had read they hit hard and were tough.  Well, not really from my experience.  Then again, might have been dumb luck but it was pretty easy to catch (4-5 traps and all).  So I flew back to Northern Terokkar and found nothing.

I was going to camp and decided to make another pass and sure enough I spotted a Flayer!  Swooped in and in true Amateur fashion I nearly killed the damn thing.  But, success was had!


Even better, was amidst my happiness (and knowing I was off to bed after my success) I only happened to notice blue text in the chat window.  I didn’t realize the Youngling was a rare.  Well, it wasn’t.  I actually had my first Battlestone drop…which I didn’t even know they did.  Having not done any research I figured they came from the Pet Trainer fights/dailies.  I was later informed it was both.

No, I haven’t decided which pet will be the lucky recipient.  Fluxfire Feline seems a strong option, as does my Spawn of Onyxia.  Heck, I’d even consider my Little Black Ram.  But, I’m in no rush.  I plan to hold on to it for a bit and widen the pet stable some more (208 Unique at last glance…I’m getting there) first.

2 thoughts on “Chieves For A Non-Chiever

  1. Navimie December 19, 2012 / 12:06 am

    Flayers are awesome. I love my Flayer!

    • JD Kenada December 19, 2012 / 7:38 am

      I’ll be honest, half of them I haven’t tried out yet. I’m sure they’ll see a little play when I move on to Northrend.

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