Favourite Things

Ambermist sent out another monthly call and, given the time of year, December is all about favourite things and what have you.  Well, time of year being what it is, let me just say this remains one of my favourite Christmas Songs:

Actually, I could list a plethora of songs depending on the time of day.  Still, I was just listening to it a few minutes ago so I thought I would share.

When it comes to gaming, my love of the activity has actually gone back almost 30 years.  In hindsight, we moved a great deal when I was young (when I bought my house 5 years ago that was my 29th move in as many years).  For quite some time I didn’t exactly build a social circle that lasted.  But, I had my “vidja games.” 

As I got older, and my family had its adventures, and by adventures I mean a plethora of your standard broken family issues, I hid in my room and buried myself in my games.  I think it’s why, to this day, there are times when nothing beats firing up something classic and just letting yourself get absorbed by it.

I spent hours cursing the makers of E.T. and thought the folks who designed Baseball Stars, Bump ‘N’ Jump, Pitfall and Mario were absolutely brilliant.  To this day, my absolutely favourite game is Shining Force.  Great turn based RPG.  I can’t wait until the day I introduce my son to it.

To have video games at such a height and significance in modern media is a genuine surprise.  For those of us who grew up with the genre, I don’t think many could have expected it to be the phenomenon it is.  But, I think it was back in high school where I suggested during a project in my class on Societal Existence that “the geek shall inherit the earth.”  I think that rings true on a number of levels,  few being higher than the video game industry.

Having said all of that, I think one thing I am really and truly thankful for is having a wife that in many ways feels the exact same way.  Heck, there are times where she easily plays more than I do.  When you have that in your house, it’s a wonderful understanding and it’s great to have something like that the two of you can share.  It’s also nice that we have games the other one has absolutely zero interest in.  It keeps the smotherin’ away.

Ambermist asked a bonus question, as well – to share something awesome that happened to you this year.  I can’t bring that to just one thing.  For as rough as the latter half of this year has been, 2012 was pretty darn awesome around here.

-I had a retirement party turn into a not retiring party.  It also spawned Laid Back Raids, which has turned into one of my favourite reasons to play the game.  The content is becoming a blur now that I do it all on a regular basis, but the compatriots make it a blast.

-The Mogging.  Mog Madness was a hoot and the Mogolympics was exhaustingly fun.  You’ll be happy to know there’s another contest coming with the new year. 

-Panther Day.  Yes, I was disappointed I couldn’t get them for everyone.  It’s my own fault for not thinking of it sooner.  Still, that day gave me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling and was worth everything I put into it.

-Finally, other people like me are out there.  E-mails, in-game mails, “roll a character here,””meet me on this server,” and “what’s your mailing address?”  I have so many wonderful friends in this game, many of which came to be in the last year, and the generosity shown has been a bit tough for someone like me, but it’s still an incredibly enjoyable surprise!

3 thoughts on “Favourite Things

  1. tomeoftheancient December 19, 2012 / 10:25 am

    You and the Missus are on my list of favorite things!

    • JD Kenada December 19, 2012 / 1:27 pm


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