7 comments on “The End (of 2012) Is Near

  1. I didn’t quite make it to 2012 in 2012. I’m currently at 1589 raw levels (79%) or 1649 adjusted levels (82%). If I add back in the levels of the characters I deleted when I pruned my roster in late summer, I would be at 1812 adjusted levels (90%).

    Around the middle of the year, I started looking at my roster and running the numbers of how many characters I’d have to level how high, and didn’t really want to do that much work. I also realized that I rather like to have my characters somewhat spread out across different level ranges, so that I can go play different content with them. I didn’t want to get all my characters bunched up into a relatively narrow high level range quite so quickly, I guess.

    It was still a good challenge to at least attempt and think about, though!

    • I’m trying to have a toon for Alliance and Horde in each of the level brackets, so to speak, for folks who want to group up and what have you. I have a vast gap in Alliance at the moment…Horde too now that I think about it. It’s that 50-70 gap.

    • Aye, I’m looking forward to this transmog contest. Simple, yet not. Heh.

      I’m going to make a post about the bank since you’re not the only person who asked.

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