11 comments on “The Pet Bank Thesis

  1. Oh, that’s an interesting idea. I’m really looking forward to hearing how that goes. I do know there is a big difference in prices across servers and even factions on the same server. When I was trying to get to 400 pets I was checking every server I had money on in the hope of a bargain.

  2. I can see this is right up your alley so GL with it all. Hope you get a lot of good buy/sell(s) with it all. That was part of my problem, I would see a pet on another server but have no gold on said server (short of selling off one of my pets on that server for some fast gold – it was quite a lot of hit and miss).

    • I agree on the whole other server thing and that’s part of where this stemmed from. That and it seemed like a faster option than farming for some of them week in and week out (which I still might do, to some degree).

  3. This is something that me and my boyf have discussed doing but we’re yet to actually get around to doing so. I look forward to reading how it works out for you 🙂

    • I’ll be sure to post follow up details. Much like yourselves, I had a fair bit of thought on the idea for a while now.

  4. Fascinating. I guess I could have sent that Terrible Turnip from server A (where I farmed it) to server B (where I wanted to sell it) just by learning it, rather than spending $25 to send it over with a character transfer. But then, I had a whole pile of gear for Transmogrification that I wanted to send over, too, some of it requiring relatively high level crafting that I don’t have on the second server.

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