8 comments on “Pet Collector: In Restarts We Trust

    • Actually, the day was pretty good. I snagged a few more rares (and lots two battles involving two more) putting me at 45 caught, and I knocked off the achievement to tame a pet in each Kalimdor zone. I think I also caught all the Mount Hyjal pets save for the Wisp.

  1. Congratulations! That is the one that still eludes me…was thinking today would be a good day but alas real life doesn’t include virtual one…

  2. Grats on the whelpling! Nicely done with the timing on the reset. 🙂

    I’m still trying to get mine. I keep telling my self it’s no hurry untill summer time hits and I can get my Qiraji Guardling, as I won’t get the meta achivement before then anyway….but it doesn’t really helt. That whelpling still annoyes me like crazy when I think about it. >.<

    Worst thing is I see them every time I fly over the zone, but then CRZ happen and when I get there they are all gone… -.-

  3. I got here from Navi’s site and just had to leave a comment…. STORM PEAKS IS INFURIATING! There was much cursing before I finally got that cheeve. I didn’t even care about the silly fox, I just wanted any pet at all… and they would always disappear when I got close. Would have been so much better had they not been there at all, haha.

    • I know! I was the EXACT same way…didn’t care about the Fox. Just wanted a pet. ANY pet. Stupid CRZ and phasing…

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