29 comments on “Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest – Where I Start Snuffin’ Torches

  1. Oh darn. I, too, was a big fan of (at least) one of those entries that was eliminated. I hope some of them will still play along even though they are officially out of the running, because they have some great ideas!

  2. Owhh nooooooo 😥 nevermind – I gave it a go. I think I’ll still continue to play along making transmogs to match the theme though as I really enjoyed it. Thanks for organising such a fun event 😀

  3. A very deserving win for Katami, and some sad departures from the Isle of Transmog (???). I was also a big fan of several of the eliminated entries. Oh, RNG…

    That said, I am *so* glad I made it to the next round, because I *love* MK. My sister and I played MK3 a lot as kids (and despite all claims of video game moral panic turned out alright). I’m kind of hoping I can pull of a Sindel costume in game…

    Mooooooortal Kombaaaaaat!

  4. Huzzah to Katami! And (hugs) to those who didn’t make it to the next round.

    That said, oh… my… this will be a challenge indeed for me because I have no familiarity with the Mortal Kombat universe whatsoever. I will have to do some homework!

  5. Such a mix of good and bad news. We all knew the RNG was just around the corner, but it’s still sad when it happens. But even so, grats Katami on the win! 🙂

    Mortal Kombat…oh my, I’m gonna have to do some serious thinking for this one.

  6. Some questions for this second round: does it have to be a full and proper transmog like in the first round? Or can you mix armor types and skip items (like on some of the Mortal Kombat characters)?

    • I’ll edit the post to clarify, but end game transmog. For my contests, that’s pretty much the golden rule.

  7. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised since RNG absolutely hates me. Looking forward to seeing what the remaining contestants come up with.

  8. Ooohh, lucky me. Yay!

    I think I must be double lucky because I know absolutely nothing about Mortal Kombat.

    I was surprised how different people interpreted the theme, there where so many different and awesome styles. Looking forward to the next round already!

  9. For once RNG works in my favor! /bighugs to those that felt it’s wrath.

    and wow, Mortal Kombat theme…holy moly I can’t wait to not only build an outfit, but to see what every one else comes up with. I bet there are going to be some awesome ones! How exciting! 😀

  10. I can’t believe Draynee was knocked out! I guess even the transmog greats suffer to RNG…
    But your choice of immunity was great. I liked that one too.

  11. /sigh I’m pretty sad for a Draenei now :`(

    But, I LOVE Katami’s outfit, I definitely caught my eye when you posted all the looks too. Grats to you! Can’t wait to see round two’s entries!!

  12. Oh wow, congrats on winning the first immunity torch Katami and GL to the rest of the contestants. OK, now I kind of wish I had entered but at least I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the show. Hugs to those who were pushed out of the first round.

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