20 comments on “Fly Or Die Challenge?

  1. I could never do that. I hardly ever delete a character. Just thinking about this challange gets me a bit horror struck. Take my mage for example. She’s the second character I made in wow and, still hasn’t made it past lvl 43; yet she’s done 2 server changes, one race change and 1 faction change. ^.^

    She’s been on my account ever since my first week of playing WoW all those years ago and she’s not going anywhere. I keep telling myself that some day I’ll level her. This might be the year as my friend recentry stated the perks of mage teleports while pet battling. 😀

    • I’ve deleted a handful in the past year, with my Dwarf Shaman being the only one I really regretted. Honestly, if Blizzard would remove the stupid server cap for characters, I would probably have more.

      • I try to cap myself to 1 character per class and faction, so my alt habit isn’t all to bad (I keep telling myself that even though I’m not sure I believe it).

        • Hrm…that leaves me in need of 1 Alliance Warlock, a Horde DK, Horde Mage, Alliance Paladin, Horde Monk…and chopping about 3 Hunters, a Warrior, a Priest, and a Druid…and then I’d have to go back to my roster page and see if there’s anything else. LOL

  2. I’ve deleted a few characters over the years. A level 80 DK because I wanted a horde one instead and at the time I had more time than money so faction changing wasn’t an option. I deleted a level 70 Priest recently too because I have so many of them! However I also have very few characters under 60 as creating a character usually means I’m going to level it to max level. i just.. can’t.. not..

  3. I think this challenge would be quite good for me. I’m really bad at making alts, playing them for a few hours/days and then forgetting about them! So it would definately help me to evaluate my alts. However, I really don’t know if I could bring myself to deleting any. I’ve only ever deleted one character – a human priest – because I hated the human model and couldn’t get to grips with the priest-ness. I later found out that it’s generally considered easier to level in a damage delaing spec & not as a healer.

    • You mean 87 levels as a Holy Priest isn’t efficient? 😀

      Oh well, only three more to go…lol.

      And yeah, I have one Human and have a hard time with the idea of making another one.

  4. I’ll pass on this challenge, for this calendar year, at least. I’d rather focus on getting a character of each class to level 90 before the next expansion comes out, and I’m not inclined to delete any of my Mages because they constitute my “one character of every race” collection. Although I have all these Transmogrification visions for my Mages that require them to get to relatively high levels, I’m not sure I want to get them ALL stuck in Hellfire Peninsula/other regions of Outland quite so quickly.

  5. Ouch. I can’t imagine doing this either. I’m pretty good about going back and deleting unused alts but there’s a few toons I play merely to enjoy. I’m not in a rush to level them. If they stay level 20 or 30 forever that’s not a problem for me. I have my maxed level toons and I like my alts to just wander around or whatever. Although I did think about the 2012 in 2012 and realized I’m set in levels until 2050 which kinda takes the fun out of it.

    • Yeah, I think you’re third in levels out of anyone I know unless Ysera’s Daughter has pumped out some more…then you might be fourth.

  6. This would be doable for me except I have 2 bank alts per server as well as a couple low levels used to visit people on other servers. While I could always roll another temporary low level alt I will NOT give up my bankers and their respective guild bank storage.

      • If that is the case then would just need to level that DK on your server a bit and level my baby monk. After that can roll an alt on another server to visit as needed.

        (As of last night I have 11 toons out of 15 to lvl 90 and a couple are getting close so I would have time to make it)

  7. I rarely delete characters. Ok, a couple of times I have rerolled ones that just didn’t click, but mostly the only time I’ve done deletions is when I’ve .. um … hit the 50 character cap. That may have happened more than once. Like, at least 3x that I can remember. >.>

    • I was just talking about this the other day, speaking of the character cap. I don’t so much have a problem with it, so much as the stupid 11 characters per server nonsense. I would probably have another half dozen Alliance toons for sure on Runetotem just to help with our guild achievements and whatnot. I’d still probably have one Alliance server and one Horde server though. But, that’s basically a pipe dream…

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