18 comments on “Blogger By Passion, Huntard By Huntard

  1. Awwwww, I feel your pain. The exact same thing happened to me the first time I tried taming Gib the Banana-Hoarder. I was SO mad at myself.

    28 hr respawn time though? That sounds pretty high. I think 3-5 is more what you’d be looking at.

  2. Heya JD,

    I think that’s the exact same skin that’s on a bunch of the cats prowling up in Northrend in the SE and SCentral Zul’Durak area. I hope that helps and yep that bites! I did the same thing with “Olm the wise” in the Northern part of Felwood too on my hunter at one time before they changed the skin. The new skin for that owl is pretty cool too 🙂 It’s like an ice eagle!

    • The ones in Northrend have more of a pink colour to their eyes and it doesn’t seem as “flame” based. I’m a stickler for the details, lol.

  3. Exactly…I completely know that frustration as I have definitely done that more than once on Mairwenn *chuckles* & here’s hoping you have better luck next time

    • The outfit (which can also be seen on Liouxpold in the armory) is built around the Betrayer’s Bow. Lioux was a crossbow guy until that bad boy dropped. Now I just hope Ulduar gives him the matching shoulders when the Alliance LBR’s through there later this month.

    • Oh, and try having five Hunters, none of whom are BM…and he’s the ONLY one that has pet variety. As I said to the Mrs…I almost need to roll another Hunter just to have one who’s Beast Mastery and can tame some of the fun stuff.

      • I think it’s one of the best bows around and my bow of choice. I’m working on getting a load of gear to transmog to match it currently. I agree – you need to have a BM spec just for the cool pets. It’s the only reason I have BM 🙂

  4. My hunter didn’t have BM as offspec until I realized as I hit tame on the invisible jumongar that I got Hodir rep for that it was BM only. lol. I am confused though- are you saying the pet you were taming dropped dead or the one you had before the tame dropped dead?

    • The one I was trying to tame dropped because I forgot to dismiss my previous pet. Then this morning, I logged onto Liouxpold (having left him at the spawn location) and he was there again for me to tame properly. 🙂

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