21 comments on “The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest – Round Two “FIGHT”

  1. Yowzah, those are all seriously awesome outfits, and they all emulate their chosen characters most excellently!

    Now, I’m only playing for fun, not for the prize, so I did a roll of my own, and would like to swap places with Rhuanious. 🙂

    An NPC of the Amateur Azerothian? Oh, my! It’ll be very interesting to see how the participants interpret this challenge!

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  3. These are all really good!! It’s interesting that only a select few characters were represented and most multiple times. I chose a different Mortal Kombat character (Jade) for my mock-entry.

  4. Wow! Just……wow. These outfits are absolutely amazing. You can really tell some time was put into all of them, I just can’t believe how close they are to the original characters. o.O

    /hugs to those who got ran over by the big bad RNG truck

  5. I won immunity? Yay! This is my face: 😀 . And to think I almost submitted my Raiden outfit instead… Nice use of the Frienship, by the way (I always preferred the Friendships and Babalities to the Fatalities).

    Another round of seriously awesome outfits, and I’m sad once again to see people cut. However, it’s time to get cracking on my Amateur NPC!

    • Given the hat Chen wears (and the abundance of them in the game), I was surprised to not see one, to be honest.

      • I was too. I made it because I wasn’t too happy with the Sindel outfit at the time, but then figured a lot of people would have gone for Raiden so I put in more work on Sindel.

        If anyone wants their monk to look like Raiden, though, I can hook them up 🙂

  6. These are incredible! I looked at some of those characters represented and I couldn’t begin to think how to dress them and they did an unbelievable job! Shao Khan, looking good, my man, lol!

    Big grats to all! I can’t wait to see what you do to, er, I mean do with JD!!!

  7. Great job everyone! A lot of those outfits were damn near spot on.

    Congratulations Freyana on your immunity. Big hugs to all of those that RNG kicked in the hiney. I’m looking forward to seeing the remaining contestants interpretation of JD.

  8. I have to admit I thought this round was really tricky at first. So it’s great to see all thse nice outfits and how ppl interpreted the Mortal Kombat characters. Good job guys! 😀

    And a big GRATS to Freyana for getting the immunity. 🙂

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