11 comments on “Cruel And Unusual Punishment

    • I was just in awe. Then it got me thinking if I had seen the Blue Proto drop, and I can’t recall. I know damn well the Baron’s horse never has! lol

  1. …I hadn’t seen that ad before, but it is pretty much true of my Warcraft experience for the past six or seven years. So many tantalising things. Good luck if this signals the start of a bit of Stonecore farming for you!

    • We shall see what it brings, lol.

      The Sopranos ad was done around the same time as the Ozzy one if I recall correctly.

  2. You’ve just made me realise exactly how lucky I was. A guild leader ran me through Stonecore (I was looking for a new mount with a bit of zing) and he warned me that the drop rate was less than 1%. We went as far as the boss that drops it – it didn’t drop the first time, so we ran out – and re-entered and went to that boss again…bam, second run-through I got it! Then again, I did run through Magisters Terrace everyday for three weeks in a row to get my Orb of the Sindorei, so I feel your pain 🙂

    • Second run through? I think in all the instances that have a chance drop of a mount, I’ve never actually seen one. Sure, OS and ones like that who come with a guarantee…but Utgarde Pinnacle, Eye of Eternity, Stratholme, Stonecore, Magister’s Terrace…I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of the mounts drop. Congrats to you on your great luck!

  3. I had great intentions of running Stonecore on one of my characters in hopes of getting this mount. I know normal was soloable at 85 so it should be super easy now but I keep forgetting! Thanks for the reminder.

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