Posthumous: A Storm On The Sea

Liam let out a gutteral howl of rage and agony.  “YOU BASTARDS!” 

He was seething through his entire core.  The two guards were laughing with sheer enjoyment at the torture the sight of the hanging dog was clearly causing their prisoner.  The one who had yanked his head back to see it in the first place had let go at this point.

“Aww, look.  He’s going to cry.  Oh wait, the dead don’t cry!”  The two laughed even more.  For a split second Liam was a teenager again in Southshore.  It was the same laughter, only this time it was Alistair and his friends.  That’s when it happened.

One of the guards had gotten too close to the cage.  In Liam’s rage his arms shot through the spacings and grabbed the guard by his shirt.  With an unknown strength he yanked the guard back towards him, the wood of the bars splintering in all directions with the force that came through them.  Liam drove his hand through the guard’s eye socket and shot to his feet in the blink of an eye. 

His other tormentor barely had time to stop laughing before Liam leapt at him, knocking him off his feet.  He clawed at the guard’s face relentlessly, ripping the flesh from his face until the man was dead, and even for moments after.  Only when he felt a sword come down across his shoulder did he turn his attention elsewhere.  One of the other guards had come down to put an end to what was going on.  Unfortunately for him, a sword was the last thing that would slow Liam at this point. 

He spun around, grabbing the man by the wrist and with a swift yank to get the rapier, discloated the man’s shoulder.  As he howled in pain, Liam turned the sword and drove it through the man’s neck.  He dropped to his knees, his good hand trying to hold himself up on Liam’s chest as he fell. 

The other guard had been much wiser.  He had run into Captain Grillsen’s quarters.  The two came out, with the captain pistol in hand.  Liam stood, arms wide, beckoning for the pirates to come at him. 

“I will send you both to hell for what you’ve done.  Not even the Dark Lady herself will be able to bring you back.”

“Blah, blah, blah” Grillsen mocked.  And then he fired the pistol.  Liam winced as the shot tore through his collarbone.  But he stood his ground, much to the surprise of the captain.  Two more rounds came as Liam stepped forward, the second one catching him in the jaw.  Still he would not relent.  With a shocked crewman beside him, the captain fired three more as Liam angrily stalked them both.  Even in his rage, Liam could count.  Grillsen was holding a revolver.  Six rounds had hit him.  Six rounds had burned him.  Six rounds hadn’t stopped him.

Grillsen cowardly tried to shove the crewman at Liam, but he just grabbed the man by his collar and threw him across the deck before continuing towards his goal.  The captain had meant to use the instance to run back to his cabin.  Liam wasn’t letting that happen and had caught Grillsen by the hair before he was even halfway up the stairs. 

There was no smirk this time.  No bravado or swagger.  The arrogance fell as the urine down the captain’s trousers.  Liam savoured the moment.  The captain pleaded for mercy and Liam just stared him down.  He wanted Grillsen to truly feel fear.  To suffer.  To know agonizing defeat as his very essence was taken from him.  So first, Liam broke his wrists. 

The captain wailed as other crewmen came upon the deck from the cabins below.  As Liam dug his nails through Grillsen’s shirt and down his chest, they seemed to have no idea what to do.  They weren’t expecting the sights they saw on the deck.  Even the Orc had woken by this point, but Liam could have cared less if his audience was the size of Stormwind.  He meant to backhand Grillsen to make him suffer more.  Instead he knocked half his teeth out and turned his head halfway around in the process.  The captain went limp and fell to the deck.  With the crew and orc watching, Liam dropped to his knees. 

He felt it stir within him.  A compulsion.  A desire.  It must be done.  And so, Liam pulled up the captain’s corpse, and began eating his flesh.  The blood was still warm as it poured down his face.  He had never eaten anything so exquisite.  His body sang out with approval and ecstasy.  The crewmen either ran below, or were vomiting.  Even the orc had turned his head at this point.

When he finished his meal, he was calmer.  Clear headed.  He had no remorse for what he had done on the deck.  But he wasn’t finished.  Grabbing the keyring from the smug bastard he had pulled through the cage, Liam freed the Orc.  He was saying something in Common, but Liam didn’t care.  He stormed down the stairs where the crewmen were waiting for him.  They were sword in hand, but the fear permiated from them in a beautiful scent.

“Listen closely.  I will not repeat myself.  Those of you who want to die, step forward.  Those who don’t need to do but three things.  Bring me the alchemist and the Tauren.  And UNTIE THAT DOG NOW!!!”

3 thoughts on “Posthumous: A Storm On The Sea

  1. Navimie June 27, 2013 / 1:09 am

    The dog is fine! He’s being untied!!!

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