Posthumous: Conscious Waves

Liam looked at Kheiro and just shook his head.  “Everything I’ve seen of you and this is what makes you laugh?”

The Tauren calmly replied.  “I am merely amused at the situation.  You, a man from a port town, came to travel with me to see what was out there for you.”  He paused and looked out at the water.  “I see irony in you becoming a captain.”

“Oh yeah, it’s hilarious.”  Liam couldn’t help but get worked up at the idea, regardless of Kheiro’s calming voice.  “Rest easy I’m fixing this as soon as I can.”

“I have…no doubt.”  Kheiro seemed distracted as he said so.  He was looking out across the water and even Liam noticed the Tauren’s end of the conversation taper quickly.

“Something wrong?”

“Hmmm?  No, not wrong,” a reply that didn’t see to be the usual natural answer Liam was used to.  The look on his face must have suggested as much and a hand came up on his shoulder.

“We Tauren speak of ‘Walking With The Earthmother.’  It is a small prayer and yet holds much meaning.”  He turned and looked at everything that had happened on the deck prior to his revival.  “Even in dream, walking with the Earthmother is a true blessing.  But I did not walk with the Earthmother.”  He wiped his hair out of his face and continued.  “Liam, my friend, I was in darkness and shadow.  The light was there, in the distance.  But I was bound by my ankles.  I could not move.”

Liam just looked at the Tauren in that same puzzled sense.  He wanted to say something, but was at a loss for words as he felt completely dumbfounded.  “…and this is…bad?”

“Hmmm?  It could be.  It means future conflict awaits me.  It means that I will choose on my own.  When the time comes, the Earthmother will not be there to guide me.”  Kheiro closed his eyes as the winds picked up and washed the open air across his face.  He then turned back to his friend.  “So, as you see…something isn’t necessarily wrong.  Just….intriguing me.”

Liam did his best to comprehend the Tauren way and train of thought…or how one has a dream like that or even takes it as certainty.  His mental grasps were interrupted by his almost least favourite crewman.  “Captain!”

He sighed.  “Yes Flagsworth?”

“Sorry, sir.  Don’t mean to be botherin’ you.”

He was still the only one with enough stones to willingly approach Liam.  Try as he might to will the crewman away, he had to give him that.  “What is it that you want then?”

“Well, sir.  With you being Captain and all..” Liam hated every time that word was uttered in his direction.  It was a cruel enough joke that did not need a running punchline.  “We should be hitting shore in the morning and we’re just wondering what you wanted to do about that.  I mean, the original plans have kinda gone down the whirlpool at this point…”

“Yes, Flagsworth.  I recall.”  He shot a glare at Kheiro, who simply turned his head towards the ocean breeze.  “The original plan was to try to sell us to some Goblin in Gadget Town..”

“Erm, that be Gadgetzan.”

“GadgetZAN.  For what?  Fighting in a cage or something?”  The crewman nodded.  “Well, let’s consider things for a moment.  The person who was going to do the selling, is dead.”


“And the buyer is merely someone always looking for what boils down to as slaves.  He only buys what’s brought in front of him…”


Liam stood there for a moment, using his hand to conduct the inevitable result that should come at any moment.  Annnyyyyy moment.  Any.  Moment…

“OH!  CAPTAIN!”  Flagsworth shouted for the entire sea to revel in his epiphany.  “If we never talked to Nigstrom, then he doesn’t know that we had anything to sell him in the first place!”

It was all Liam could do to keep from pulling out his already thin hair.  He did his best to calm down.  By this time Kheiro had slowly moved his way to the stern, no doubt to continue chuckling in peace.  Liam switched his thoughts back to Flagsworth.  He asked for the details about Gadgetzan and the nearby area.  That it was a desert port wasn’t exactly exciting to Liam.  Still, Flagsworth assured him it was a safe place to drop anchor as the goblins took no guff from anyone.

When Liam finished speaking to Flagsworth, he sent him below to pass on the plan and then for him to return to man the Helm.  Someone needed to guide the ship and it wasn’t going to be Liam.  They’d end up in the Maelstrom with his luck.  He strode (as best a dead fellow strides) over to Kheiro and shared the view trailing the vessel.

“Gadgetzan is a good place to rest for a night or two.  It will be good for all of us.”  Kheiro had turned toward Liam for the last of his words.  Before he could interject, the Tauren continued.  “I do not know what happened here,” his arm waving over the deck behind them.  “Yes…it has been explained.  But that does not sound like the man I have been traveling with these days.”  Liam had to agree with that.  Even since he spilled (and drank) the captain’s blood, he had been more irritable.

“I can explain it, but at the same time I can’t.”  The words were as cluttered as his head trying to wrap around it.

Kheiro nodded.  “That will occur from time to time.”

Liam’s response just came out.  “Kheiro, it’s not often I come right out with it with you, but I honestly don’t know what to do.  About this…about this.”  His arms were wide and aimed at the ship.

The Tauren paused as only he could and absorbed the open air before responding.  “Consider that you have been without your friend for several days now.  Consider that many of us have a breaking point.”  He then scratched his chin and looked about the ship.  “We were headed to Ratchet before this…” An arm came up on Liam’s shoulder.  “Perhaps we can still get there via sail.  That is…if you know of any captains.”

If Liam had the same strength as the last time he was on the deck, someone would be tossing a rescue line into the water right now.

One thought on “Posthumous: Conscious Waves

  1. tomeoftheancient October 6, 2013 / 5:12 am

    Come on Liam, you can do it. I know you’re made of Captain material!

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