Posthumous: The Calm Outside The Storms

The clouds overhead continued to threaten rain, but thus far had failed to let loose.  Aside from the occasional drizzle, that had been the trip since their departure from Gadgetzan.  Had they sailed the deeper waters as a ship normally would, the weather would have been much more drastic.  Any of the crew members could see the storm off in the distance.  Were it not for goblins, of all people, they would have been smack in the middle of it.  Instead, they had remained fairly close to shore and thus even lost time through some careful moments of navigation, the worst of which came along the Eastern Mountains that divided them from The Shimmering Flats.

It was during this particular stretch that Liam actually interacted with some of the other crew.  He learned Flagsworth hadn’t always wanted to be a seaman.  He had heroic ambitions, but things just had a way of being the right place at the wrong time for him.  The cook had an odd name, but everyone called him Saunter.  Watching him walk out with a meal, beaming with pride, it was no wonder why.  The pride was well deserved, too.  Saunter could turn several nothings into one hell of a meal.  There was even a dwarf -a curmudgeonly fellow named Dugger who was in charge of the cannons.

Kheiro had provided more insight and history into the land.  Liam had remembered stories of people sailing to Kalimdor during the Third War, but Kheiro explained exactly how Theramore Isle came to be and the agreement made between the Warchief Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore that allowed the humans to still live there.  The Horde were forbid from attacking, but that didn’t mean everyone sat back.  Apparently there was even a group of Tauren that would occasionally venture close enough to try and cause trouble.  Kheiro had made it clear they weren’t Tauren to be proud of and they most certainly weren’t the Tauren in the Horde.

There was also talk of a rumoured Dragon’s Lair, but according to the Tauren, that’s all they were.  There could be someone who could confirm it, but he had not seen it with his own eyes and if the words did not come from someone Kheiro strongly trusted, he wasn’t likely to believe it.  Also if there were individuals who knew of the Dragon’s Lair, there was a good chance they never made it out.

Liam also made a point of taking time to himself.  With Drake by his side, he would look back on the things that have happened thus far.  He would take in memories.  Some were as if he were there in that moment, and others he could barely recall.  The biggest one that continued to plague him was the cause of his death.  He could not remember the cause, or even the time leading up to it.  It was as if he died and backtracked.  That his life and death overlapped one another.

It was this that troubled him on the day they were destined to pass Theramore Isle.  Knowing there were humans like he was, bantering about with their daily business.  Just as he used to.  Not a care in the world, nor a concern.  A small part of him was jealous, but it was the trying to remember those days that bothered him most.   He sighed heavily in the warm sun, the first in several days.

“Flagsworth.  Can we move out to sea and avoid the Isle entirely?”

“Not according to Mor’son.  He’s up in the nest and says he can still see it’s rough.  Least, that’s what he said a half hour ago.”  Flagsworth looked high up the mast and then out at the water.  Liam followed his view and it indeed looked significantly darker.  “Like th’ Tauren said.  Long as we don’t port, or get too close, shouldn’t be too concerning.  Well, so long as they don’t see no Horde aboard as we pass.”

Liam understood what Flagsworth was getting at.  Himself and Kheiro needn’t be out in the open for all the world to see.  Peaceful as they were, those on guard around Theramore probably weren’t the type to take chances…least of all with an Undead.  They’d simply have to wait it out in the Captain’s cabin.  With the Isle almost close enough to distinguish the stronghold from the horizon, that time wouldn’t be much longer.

Drake began to growl, which startled Flagsworth enough to take a couple of steps backward.  It wasn’t the crewman that had the dog rattled.  He was looking towards the marsh area beyond Theramore.  Liam squinted but given the sunlight and distance he couldn’t tell what Drake could be looking at.  There were certainly no signs for concern, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t something to be concerned about.

Liam felt the deck rattle a little as Kheiro’s weight glided slowly across the ship.  He had heard the dog as well and came to investigate.  “What does he see?”

“We can’t tell, Kheiro” Liam answered. “I don’t see a thing.  Would they have the range to attack us out here?”

“Mmm, perhaps,” responded the Tauren,” but they have no reason to.  Theramore defends rather than attacks.”  He raised a hand up to his brow and looked out.  Kheiro shook his head to suggest he couldn’t see what Drake was continuing to growl at.

The dog started to full on bark and gnash his teeth when they got several lengths closer.  Once again, those around Drake tried to see what upset the dog so much.  They were so focused on what the dog was looking at that Morrison was halfway down from the nest before anyone even clued in.

“You’re looking in the wrong place” he hollared.  “He’s not looking there, the dog is looking at the sky.  Right there.”

They all turned their heads further upward.  None was struck by anger, or fear, or concern.  They simply wondered what the Zeppelin was doing, and what was hanging below it?

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