6 comments on “Thought Filled WoD Post

  1. So does tha mean we will see the amateur return to Azeroth with Warlords?
    I agree that the garrisons should have been guild rather than individual (a little guild bonding). I am also predicting now that at some point we will see Kara updated for either a new raid or dungeon (my guess is raid).

      • I would rather they didn’t, but sadly there are many who have been asking for just that and with this expac they have the perfect excuse.

        • True. I guess if they just do a new version like they are with the Heroic Dungeons, I would be ok with it. But otherwise they need to leave the original.

    • The things they mentioned suggest to me they will come to be. There really isn’t anything that screams “this won’t work.” Plus, I don’t remember actually seeing stuff when Path of the Titans was discussed. Everything I heard mentioned yesterday had screenshots and such.

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