5 comments on “Outlandish Memories

  1. Loved Zangermarsh and Nagrand. The horde quest in Zangermarsh where you release baby murlocs because the troll thinks it’s wrong that Outland has no murlocs is cute. Nagrand is just beautiful. Hellfire was always the area I hated (damn fel reaver metal ninjas).

    • The Fel Reaver caused me grief, but I actually liked that (without realizing it was a quest that spawened the s.o.b.). Kept me looking over my shoulder. Now, though, it’s fun to go back and annihilate him. 😀

  2. I have only done it once (that I can remember) and I don’t remember the Shaman and the Wolf sadly! I do remember Miniwing…I think it’s miniwing… and even reading it, it’s only VAGUELY familiar… but I look forward to seeing you there JD 🙂

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