12 comments on “Transmog Contest: The Hand

    • Thanks Kamalia. Might be my project once Tum hits 90. At least the Blacksmithing part I can do easily enough. Not looking forward to trying to farm Patchwerk! lol

    • Well, he’s not there yet. He’s still all Illidan emo at the moment, rocking the Bow of the Betrayer. But I may very well work on this.

  1. You inspired me to take Dornaa back to Bloodmyst — somehing I’ve been meaning to do and this is the nudge I needed. I’m sure Mataoka got that tabard, but heaven knows where it is now.

    • Glad I could give a little inspiration then. I’ve contemplated taking someone there again myself. I don’t think Carrera went there. Something tells me she did the original terror run from Menethil Harbor to Ironforge at level 1-5.

  2. Great job on the set. It’s especially exciting to see so many varied entries not just with armour types but with class differences too. It’s even better when you like it enough to farm the set yourself. I felt the same way with my own cloth entries 😛

  3. Just wanna say thank you for entering! I’m currently in the judging process and you’re the second male entry ever xD Best of luck! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner!

    • No worries. Yeah, once upon a time I had a reasonable transmog reputation. Then I left for over half a year, lol.

      The contest was a great idea and really gave me a chance to get back into things, so I thank you for that.

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