12 comments on “Server/Realm Rage

  1. CRZ is still a pain in the butt especially in lower level zones but since my server was merged things are actually selling on the AH again! Yay! If realmpop is correct they had almost twice our population, we’ve kind of been absorbed, lol.

    • Well, Auction House boons always boost that side of the argument. Still, I’m hard pressed to be sold on it being the right approach.

  2. I was really looking forward to the combining of servers and I never really minded cross-realm zones either. I think some of that was because I spent a lot of time on a busy server and the emptyness of Drak sometimes bothered me. I love how close the people are and even now we’re still close. It’s just that there are now others to get to know. I was a bit bothered by the time zone changing but it was more about just realizing that it was different then it was before. I hadn’t realized that they were combining a pve server with a pvp one. That doesn’t make sense to me. I was certain they claimed they weren’t going to do that so it surprises me to hear that. That’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I shouldn’t say I’ve had the chance to confirm the PvP issue, but the way a few friends have talked it sure sounds like that’s happened on their realm(s).

      The merging of servers, so to speak, does have its positives. It’s just, in the grand scheme of things I feel like they’ve taken the most difficult path to solve a problem they created in the first place.

    • Drak absolutely positively NEEDED this. I do think they went a bit overboard combining five realms however (Drak’Tharon/Firetree/Malorne/Rivendare/Spirestone) . Yes, it’s annoying that I now get ganked, but it *is* a PvP server group, so I have no right to complain really. Before I could go to the Timeless Isle and be one of only 6 people there. Sure that might sound pleasant but it really wasn’t. You can’t kill Huolon like that. And the AH was stone cold dead. Now, I’m making gold again. So … *shrug* … I have complaints, but I do still think the positives outweigh the negatives in the end.

      I still hate CRZ with a passion though.

      And yeah, they are only merging pvp with pvp, and pve with pve, etc.

      • Okay, so it seems those who cursed the PvP/PvE merge were misinformed…or perhaps just didn’t realize they had flagged themselves. Or didn’t realize they were in a BG zone, or actual BG, or…yeah, I got nothing.

  3. They specifically said only pve with pve and only pvp with pvp, so I didn’t think that would happen.

    They can’t balance faction because of that as most pvp servers are horde dominant and most pve servers are alliance dominant.

    They basically are merging servers, but they did it in a way that doesn’t require you to change your name. If they’d just gotten rid of servers and offered a free transfer to a couple of other servers you would have had to empty your mailbox and get below gold thresholds and then choose a new name. This way everything stays the same to the user on the front end while merging on the back end. If they had done the other way while you were gone you would have come back and gone, “where is Tum? My server isn’t on the list”

    I think they are doing the best option availble to them. No matter what some people won’t be happy, but I think the biggest thing right now is people are just not used to the change. We’ll see, I’ll probably be the one complaining in a few weeks. 🙂

    • Your counterpoints are sound. The name one I understand, and had the very discussion about with someone last night. If that’s the hinge point, then I don’t necessarily agree. But, the mail and the gold and so forth are valid arguments that I hadn’t considered.

      The core of my argument, though, is that Blizzard caused this in the first place by continually adding servers when it just wasn’t necessary in the first place.

      • I agree. But at least they finally realized there was a problem and are trying to fix it as best they can. I think they were too slow in fixing it, and probably lost a lot of people due to dead realms.

  4. There are PvP and PvE realms connected? Wasn’t that one of the main things they said they wouldn’t do, that they would only connect the same types of servers?

    You have a good point in that they should have stopped making new servers a long time ago. But there are other things leadign to these problems as well. On the EU servers ppl migrate to the heavy pop servers to get more ppl to play with, so there’s a few very popular servers with heavy log in queues.

    Personally I really dislike the CRZ and would be happy if they removed it. It doesn’t add anything for the players imo, but it does seem like the best economical options for Blizz (servers can be expencive, this way you cut costs).

    I do however like the server connections so far. One of my servers, that has been really dead, has been connected to another server that was kinda dead…so now we’re half dead together! And that’s atleast a start. ‘Cus I ain’t paying to transfer 8 toons to another server.

    Also, if you start to remove servers you’ll have players having to change names. For me that’s a big deal, specially for some of my characters. I really do prefer to be grouped up with another server than having to change all my names. But maybe that’s just me.

    • I can appreciate the name argument, I honestly can. But I’m of the belief that most people attached to character names have ones that are more unique and rare (in most cases). If they were to have closed servers my approach would have been to check for a name on a server before I moved there. I’m not saying that’s the ideal solution but in my head it’s what would likely work the best under that scenario.

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