6 comments on “Winter Veil Comes Early For Alts

  1. One thing to remember, whenever the next Xpac comes; they are putting heirlooms on a page; like mounts and battle pets. So, they won’t be held by any particular alt we create for the purpose right now.

    That being said, the Xpac is what – 6 months away or so (my guesstamation). So, lets do what we do; but remember that it is a transient situation.

    For the moment, I’m going to be storing all of my BoAs on Sentinels. 😉


    • Has the heirloom page actually been confirmed? I’ve seen much talk about it, but nothing concrete thus far.

      As for the expansion, I would be impressed if it were out that fast at this point. You have to think development is going to hit a slowdown over the next 2-3 weeks for the holidays. I don’t expect a Beta announcement any time soon and you still need to tack a few months on after that announcement comes.

      • Yeah, the slow down is going to hit for sure. We might be lucky to have a Beta by Summer.

        I’ve heard about the Heirloom Screen from the podcasts that I listen to. It seems to have been mentioned at Blizzcon, but of course I wasn’t there. Also, nothing is for sure until the Xpac rolls out; including whatever may be on the Beta at any given point and time.

        Still, I like the idea of it!


        • I like the idea of it as well and have talked about it for some time myself. I just remember things like Path of the Titans, so I tend to wait until it’s official.

          I can guarantee you a Beta before the summer months hit.

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