8 comments on “Moon Guard & Goldshire

  1. If you want to actually experience the ERP side of it, you need to install the MRP addon so you can read character bios and backstories. You haven’t seen the half of it =P

    • I used to have MyRP. That side of things never occurred to me, to be honest. That could very well be one of those things when one is trying to do a little research that could end up as more than I bargained for.

  2. I’ve been and seen Goldshire there for myself, and everything there is voluntary. Nobody ever harrassed me and if you did not respond they did not persist. We are adults, and if people want to participate in a bit of ERP that’s their business – I think that Goldshire in Moonguard gives the opportunity to those who don’t know where to look if they want something like that, a place to start.

    • Absolutely. I just checked it out and found the stigma surrounding it isn’t necessarily warranted. At its simplest level it’s like any other grouping in the game. A bunch of good people, and a few idiots. lol

  3. It’s possible some of the ERPers have moved on. Since CRZ I have noticed on my normal PVE server that Goldshire now has some rather foul ERP style play where before CRZ it was just a place for dueling.

    • As I say, and as Cuppy pointed out, you really can’t tell the ERP in most cases unless you head upstairs (and even then not necessarily) or run an addon like MyRP.

      To each their own, but I would hate to roll through on a random server and end up getting bombarded with who knows what.

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