17 comments on “That Time Of Year Again

    • I have mentioned the OLRG to the Mrs, and I know I asked someone when they are, since I’m on days for the next couple of weeks.

        • Running joke backstory:

          Many moons ago, our friends Anna and Charles lived in a cosy basement apartment below Charles’ sister Connie and her (now ex)husband and son. I spent many an hour with all of them, and missed our times together dreadfully after I moved away for work.

          A couple of years pass, and I’ve fallen out of touch with Connie, but try to keep up-to-date with what is going on via Anna and Charles (who had moved from the basement). Anna and I are chatting on the phone when she mentions Connie, Alex and…Evelyn.

          “Who’s Evelyn?”

          “The baby.”

          “What baby?”

          “Um…Connie’s daughter?”

          “CONNIE’S PREGNANT?!?!?”

          “…well, she *was* pregnant. Evelyn’s about 4 months now.”

          “CONNIE WAS PREGNANT?!?!?!”

          So now, if something is mentioned in passing that is thought to be common knowledge but isn’t, the accepted response is “CONNIE’S PREGNANT?!?!?”, complete with over-the-top indignation.

          Thus ends today’s story.

  1. If time difference permits I would love to go. And for those that have misplaced their sweaters there is a nice goblin in Stormwind and Ironforge that would happily sell you a new one.

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