11 comments on “Hrm, Scenarios Eh?

  1. I liked some of the few I did like the Arena of Annihilation but it sure seems to help if you have three dps although Cat would usually end up with two casters and kind of had to kitty tank.

  2. When you aren’t in a dps role, heroic scenarios are a bit more fun for you. I really enjoy them as a dps because then I have to use my cooldowns (and I get to use my tanking pet) and other lesser used spells to survive.

  3. Yeah, they are geared more towards dps looking for something to do while waiting in other queues. I really enjoyed the scenarios that were used to tell parts of the storyline for the patches though. Especially seeing both Alliance and Horde for the beach landing patch story.

    • I’m glad it’s that way and not just me. Rather, I wish it weren’t but at least my thoughts on what they were geared towards was correct and I wasn’t doing or missing something silly.

  4. Scenarios are more fun with friends the first time around because you don’t know what to do but once you do you will feel more comfortable doing it on your own as a valour filler in your spare few minutes. And achievements are addictive as you know. ..

  5. I feel mixed about scenarios. I don’t seek them out. They can be confusing the first times though them because they expect different things then just go kill the boss. Once you understand them they are better. But it’s definitely better to have dps or even one tank. Heals aren’t really necessary for completing scenarios.

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