8 comments on “Launching Warlords

  1. Not being around for any expac launch other than MoP, they sounded amazing, the events that happened. I can imagine the people whining, but I’d love that experience! ~ Mrs WoW

    • To be honest, that was part of what annoyed me. Let’s face it, the launch event (when big) can run for several weeks. However, it goes in phases. The plague phase could’ve gone another week and what would people really have lost? Nothing. But it was insane and Blizzard caved without coming out and saying it.

      Everyone needs to get one good launch event so hopefully you guys will be rewarded come WoD.

  2. I was one of the zombie event lovers, I know you couldn’t bank or sell anything but I didn’t mind as it wasn’t permanent. It really WAS memorable although I know to some in a bad way. I liked the elemental one too with the quests and bosses and I think it only disturbed SW so, if I remember correctly, it could be avoided.

    I have my fingers crossed, I would love at least something pre-expansion.

    • The elemental one was ok, but not to the same level. The Twilight Cultists invading the city with propaganda and such seemed to be a bigger aspect of the event and even it wasn’t all that much.

  3. The capital cities stuff was annoying, but what really drove me nuts about the zombie plague was how maximum level characters would take it out to remote quest hubs (e.g., Sunrock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains) and grief lowbie leveling. So I couldn’t play with my main very well because the capital cities were disrupted — but I couldn’t level my alts, either! I was glad when that phase of the event abruptly ended.

    I missed not having a world event for Mists, though. I hope there will be a good one for Warlords — something big and dramatic and engaging, but also not so disruptive that when I’ve played through it with a few of my 90s, I couldn’t go level with a lowbie alt.

    • The remote griefing I wasn’t aware of, so that part is obnoxious. But the phase itself wasn’t going to last that long. Based on discussions we’ve had, you don’t strike me as among those who were threatening to quit the game over it.

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