8 comments on “How To: Transmog Contest

  1. As much as I never, ever, ever want to have to do as much judging as we had to do for the Mogolympics, a winter version would be AMAZING. Especially the figure skating round. Heck, why not do a smaller version with just a couple events? Like figure skating. Because omg figure skating! (And if people complained about the results we’d just say the corrupt judging was true to life.)

      • No no, I was volunteering to help YOU.

        I don’t have the readership to do a contest. Which is my own fault because I haven’t blogged in… 4 months? Dear lord, has it been that long?

        Anyway, no one would enter a contest if I held one.

        • You’re the second person to say that to me this week and I could prove you wrong just as easily too. lol

          I honestly don’t have the time to do a small one right now, let alone what I would EXPECT in a Winter Games by me.

  2. Oh oh, that is such a cool idea (no pun intended), I could help and do it during my winter – that gives you more time!! Lol

    And khizzara – readership is irrelevant, I don’t have many people reading my blog, but sometimes you just have to jump in and see how it goes!!

    Great post JD!

  3. Seriously, you have some contest mojo going on JD. I held a contest once and got three pity participants. That being said I cannot even imagine how much work the Mogolympics were for you considering how much work just judging it was.

    Go, go, Dragonray, Navi, Kamilia and Cym!

    • Yeah, contest mojo maybe. I’ve done two Winter Veil giveways and had one entry in those two years. It simply doesn’t always work out. But, one should not let that deter you.

      And to this day I’m still so thankful to you guys for helping with the Mogolympics.

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