8 comments on “Lunar Benefit

    • You’re welcome, lol.

      You’re aslo not the only person RaF’ing about these days. Though, I hope when the time comes for a free 90 you make it BLUE.

  1. I should be doing this with my Warrior who was doing great but bogged down as soon as she got to Hellfire. I don’t know what it is about plate wearers and me. The only one I have at 90 is the DK miner because I got to skip ahead.

    • Erm, main Alliance one is Runetotem. Main Horde one is Blade’s Edge.

      After that I have toons on Moon Guard, Wyrmrest, Kirin Tor, and Steamweedle. Um, I think that’s it (lol). They also vary in levels on those. The other two at least have 90’s (well, Horde is 89 but on his way).

  2. Oh nice, I had moved to 3 different servers already. moved all my characters too. I spent so much years ago just by moving. Anyway, earning the achievement through WoW events is it global now as well or still per character?

    • An achievement will show up globally. However, you can’t get Undercity Elder on one toon, Thunder Bluff on another, and Orgrimmar on a third and get the acheivement.

      All the requisites of an achievement have to be done on one character, but will show up across all of them. That said, every character is still able to complete said achievement (for instance, I just got Elders of E.K. on my Paladin, years after getting the Elder title on my Rogue).

      I hope that garbled statement makes sense. 🙂

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