8 comments on “Stat Guy Likes Stats

  1. I really liked this as I’m not a numbers person I enjoy it when someone else does them for me, lol. I couldn’t believe the mount one. I don’t see how I’ll ever get to 200 mounts, where are all those critters!

  2. I’m curious about the number of mounts number. According to WoW’s Armory I currently have 117 mounts and do not have 161. Ummm…my math skills aren’t great by any means…but those two numbers do not add up to 504.

    I know that the armory doesn’t count horde mounts for alliance toons, and vice-versa, but even if you were to add the horde mounts that my alliance toon can’t get, and vice-versa, I find it hard to believe that there are that many more mounts out there that my toons don’t have.

    I might have to do some research on this and get back to ya. :o)

  3. I know a lot of people with multiple accounts even if it’s just to RaF themselves for rewards, so I wonder how many of those “people” are really the same people that have already been counted. I’ve had three accounts with subscriptions, but two are only for RaF and only lasted two months each. I’ve had a couple starter accounts that I created just to play around with and deleted. So I’m curious how many unique actual people there have been.

    I did the same double take on the mount total. I know there can be a lot on the different factions, but not that many. I still wish if you owned every race mount on alliance than it would give you every race mount on horde without having to get exalted with each of them and buy the mounts horde side. Some mounts change with you when you are the other faction but why not all. If they do want to keep them separate then I should be able to learn the mount horde side and ride it alliance side. Same with profession/class mounts. If I have a toon with engineering and a toon with tailoring and learn those mounts then they should count towards my total for the achievements even if I don’t have a Warlock/Paladin that is also both an engineer and a tailor.

    • You and I are definitely on the same page in terms of their “numbers.” It reminds me of the early days when they would boast 6-7 million players, but that number included inactive accounts. I guess once Wrath hit they didn’t have to do that. The number spoke for itself.

      I know what you’re saying in terms of mounts. Part of me agrees, but at the same time there is so little you have to work hard for these days that I don’t mind it. If I *really* want a racial mount, I will just level that race to 40 and buy them. It’s quicker than reputation grinding with another toon.

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