4 comments on “What I’m Learning From The WoW TCG

    • Download Hearthstone. They aren’t as different as some people seem to think. The basics are really easy to pick up on and then it’s just strategy, finesse, and combinations.

  1. I bought a lot of decks/packs quite a few years ago but sadly no loot cards from any of them. The art books were part of the reason I bought the CE’s and wasn’t expecting to enjoy Hearthstone as much as I did (especially since it’s the first card game of its kind I’ve tried).

    • Hearthstone is stupid addictive. lol

      We recently got a sealed box of Betrayal of the Guardian. FOUR Floating Spellbooks. From dollar store purchases we’ve nabbed a Spellbook, two Scarabs, a Slashdance, two Sandbox Tigers, and a War Paint. I’m greedy and just want *one* mount so I can recoup some of my sill spending. LOL.

      As for the CE’s, that’s pretty much why we get them. My wife gets the pet and I get the artbook.

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