#Wowscreenshot Feb 16 & 17 – “Create” and “Vegetable”

QuelBack in the days of Wrath, I came upon a Battered Hilt on the Auction House for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7-8k.  I decided to pony up and do the quest chain and it was amazing.  The end result is what you see before Siori as she went through the process of assembling (or creating) Quel’Delar.  I’m glad this folder was not among the screenshots I’ve lost over time because it was just a really enveloping story and it’s one of those things that not everyone has done.  I know a few people who still farm Halls of Reflection to try and get the Battered Hilt to drop.

VegginThanks to Mists, there’s only one thing I think of when I hear the word vegetable anymore.

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