11 comments on “(Nearly) Spring Cleaning

  1. You’re not the only one with your banks and bank full of ^@#% 😛 Guess I have to do a real spring cleaning on all my characters soon. I don’t like it because there is always so much I want to keep and not enough space. Got a lot of gear and fun items on two of my characters, both bank and void storage is full 😦

    • Completely understand. The toybox will help in Warlords but they seriously need to do something to improve storage in the game.

  2. Same here its too much I even have my own guild bank just to take advantage of the space but too much even gears I don’t use but then sometimes regret just disenchanted it Bec I can use it for transmog. Oh well but definitely time to clean up seriously!!! lol

  3. My thing is saving mats because I think someone might need them, I’m not sure why I think that because everyone’s already leveled all the professions Alliance side, I wish I could send stuff across enemy lines to my Horde who could use them!

    • If you want to faction transfer stuff on the same server, just talk to an (Amateur) ally to help you out with that via the Neutral Auction Houses.

  4. I might not have as many toons as you (currently at 8-10 I play on a somewhat regular basis) but I also have 4 bankers, each with their own guild banks (with 5 tabs each) and I STILL don’t have room for new stuff.

    One banker’s gbank is chock full of transmog gear that hasn’t been selling. For some reason my server has really taken a dive in peeps buying transmog gear. I will admit however, nearly one full bank tab is full of cool looking weapons that I will never sell because one of my toons will need one of them one day.

    Hmmm….I feel an “OMG, LOOK AT THIS CRAP!!” post coming on…

    • I hear you loud and clear on transmog gear not necessarily selling at the moment. Items that normally sell quite well keep coming back and that’s on items that I’ve already lowered the price on. I don’t know if folks now have their transmog outfits and that’s why, but I definitely see it as well.

  5. Aaaauuuugh, my inventories! I must confess that I am deterred from playing some of my lesser alts because of the horrendous state of their inventories. Alts that have spent any time at all serving as bank alts are the worst because I am such a terrible clothes-hoarder. I could ease up the clutter somewhat if I made another private guild (or two, or three), but even with the help of friendslists folks to get the charter sigs, I don’t quite have the cash for the bank tabs on the servers most in need of space. Perhaps I should try selling some of my as-yet-unbound wardrobe stock….

    • It’s hard to sell the clothing that you think you might want to use or build around. But until Blizzard improves the storage in the game, sometimes you just don’t have any option.

  6. When you’re considering what to keep and what to throw away, don’t forget that in WoD a lot of bagspace will free up naturally as Blizz redesigns some of the storage. Heirlooms, archeology items and toys are going to all be in tabs like pets and mounts, and I think they’re working on putting tabards in a tab as well. So if you’re holding on to a lot of holiday items and random fun stuff don’t throw it away just yet.

    • I wish I could say that was the case, lol. In some cases it’s simply junk that I’ve gotten from the Blingtron or pretty much anything other than bandages from pet battling. Or soulbound Plate gear on a leather wearer. Just things I need to get around to pitching.

      As for the other things, I am looking forward to that, but until bank space, bag space, and void storage space improves, there still won’t be enough room come Warlords of Draenor. But fortunately I have no use for things like the footballs (on every toon, anyway) in the meantime.

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