4 comments on “Hearthswearin’

  1. I’ve played a grand total of one game against other players and whilst I won, I’m in no hurry to repeat the process. I think playing against the computer for amusement is about as much as I can take, although I did notice a setting where it suggested that you could play against battlenet friends which would interest me more than playing against people I don’t know who emote too much.

    • To be honest, I don’t get that much emoting. In fact, I have games where nothing at all is said and then I have other games where the emoting is used only when appropriate. I never had the “plus d’emote” scenario, which I’m ok with. On the flip side I have faced “the staller” on more than one occasion.

      And yes, the friends list Hearthstoning is much more fun. 😀

  2. I’m with Erinys, I enjoyed playing against the AI but boy did I stink against actual players. I did really enjoy it up until then. I think I was worse at it then if I’d been trying PvP, lol.

    • Ranked or casual? Entry level ranked is ok, but the fun quickly declines unless you’re a masochist. On occasion, I do still test the waters, but I get more than my share in casual.

      I would just play the comp if I had all the fun cards that can only be acquired through packs or creation. That’s where they hook you, lol.

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