6 comments on “MIA: Mid-level Folk

  1. It’s really weird, while leveling an alt through quests there seem to be a lot of people in the low level areas then they disappear. Then they reappear in Hellfire to kill your quest givers then they disappear again. Can’t figure that one out.

    • I can see some going twink BG’s, but where’s everyone going? I suppose there’s the case of starting a toon and leaving it for dead (says the guy who has about a dozen under 40…

  2. I agree entirely.
    I’ve temporarily given up leveling my priests (who’s level 36) as the queue’s have been horribly long (30-60 mins) and then when I finally get into a dungeon all the people are interested in is stupidly fast runs and I’m not that confident a healer yet to cope.
    MoP dungeons are around 5-10 min wait but the earlier raid-finders are pretty nasty too (~20 min+ wait).

  3. I think part of it could be RaF. I know a number of people that signed up for RaF when they announced the new rewards and then spent the past three months leveling alts. That might have burnt a number of people out on leveling for a while. I didn’t think the queues were too bad all the way up through on a number of pairs the past few months. You could always take up tanking if you want fast queues. You mentioned both a warrior and a monk in your next post so that would help with them.

    • That’s another great example that I hadn’t considered. Especially with the RaF bonuses.

      As for the queue, I’ve tried as all three roles and that post 30 range just seems to dry up. Knock on wood yesterday and today have brought better results.

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