6 comments on “1-600-I-PROFIT

  1. I think these are so cool but every time I wanted one it was on a character that had no money. On the characters who did have money no one was selling them. Never could get the right server/character lined up! I used to see them advertised on the server forums sometimes.

    • That’s something I forgot to include in the advertising portion. The forum for your server is a great place.

      Indeed, people used to do them all the time. It’s far more rare now and I think that’s why the upcoming period is ripe for the picking. I think I have two servers where I could pull it off. The others I just don’t have enough cash flow to make it happen and I’m a bit too leveling focused at the moment to bother.

  2. I’ve certainly been following a guide to level the Pet Battling Monk’s tailoring and leatherworking. I used the same guide site for the Cata & Pandaria parts of my Priest’s tailoring, when I switched my Priest from herbalism to enchanting, and when I switched my primary Monk from skinning to alchemy.

    I don’t have nearly the bag and bank space to assemble and sell kits, though! With the Pet Battling Monk, I’ve been going through the guides one or two types of materials at a time up to 300, then one expansion at a time past that.

    • The few times I’ve power boosted my professions I have stumbled across the same series of articles that does a great job minimizing the materials you need to succeed. However, for many reasons one might deviate from that plan for a few points here and there.

      As for bag space, I have one tab in a guild bank set specifically for a kit if I so decide to assemble one.

    • You don’t even need to have the max professions to get the materials to put the kits together. Sometimes all it takes is a gatherer and an eye on the Auction House. Or just the latter. Definitely many ways to go about it. 😀

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