9 comments on “To The Skinners

  1. And that’s where I practice what I preach because my main is a skinner, so whenever I’m on a character that doesn’t skin, I make sure to completely loot a corpse…even of the cheap little bits because I can just delete them right out of my bag to make room. I do the best I can to make it easier for others because…as you said…I do know how it is & if I can make it easier for just 1 person to level up, then I’m giving back some of the help & kindness that other people have shown me before. I’m not saying anyone else’s way isn’t right…just saying that this is how I do it so I can conserve my very limited bag space *laughs* & yet still do my best to help someone else.

    • And that’s cool that you do so and in the light you shed on why there is most certainly an aura of (well-deserved) pride about it.

      I certainly didn’t mean to be condescending about it or anything like that. It was simply the “entitlement” from a few people has just made me eye twitch a little bit and I think the judgement against people by skinners isn’t necessarily fair.

      • Oh I didn’t take it that way no worries because you’re right…alot of people do take it too far & I’ll be the first to admit to it since I’ve had people do that to Mairwenn before & she is a skinner. *laughs*

  2. I have a skinner and so always loot the corpses I leave behind. You know the saying… “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!”. Those 2c loots add up yanno 😉

    • Oh, as a former gold player, I completely know what you’re saying. In my early days on a server, I grab and sell everything I loot. Eventually it comes down to picking the stuff that has silver and gold value over copper if I’m focusing on bag space.

      As I said to Gwennie, and as a skinner myself, I understand things just fine. It’s just been an entitlement issue that I felt popping up with the skinners I knew and I think that’s unfairly judging other players. Some skin and loot everything and some don’t. But to feel like other players owe you and should do so is extreme.

  3. My poor husband quit leveling with me because I’d always roll skinners, and he’s a loot leave-behinder. I loot everything, you never know when there might be a super-rare epic! (Disclaimer: I had a Hurricane bow drop for me the first few weeks of playing, so the ‘chance’ is engrained in my brain) 😛

    • Oh I certainly loot everything, I just don’t always pick up every little thing. Indeed the folks who just kill and move on tend to surprise me.

  4. Cat the skinner doesn’t care if anyone loots skinnable stuff but she is really grateful when people do. I know some of my other characters loot and some don’t. Maybe they had a bad run-in with one of those entitled people, lol.

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