8 comments on “Let Us Talk 90 Boost

  1. I’d have spent $40 or even $50 for an extra boost — and carefully choosing which character would get that extra boost — but I’m balking at the idea of spending $60 for it. I guess Miss Draenei Mage will just have to get to 90 the “old fashioned” way. It’s funny, though — I don’t have a problem with the idea of spending $100 in a single day as four $25 server transfer transactions, but the idea of spending more than $50 on just one character change transaction seems like too much.

    • The services are all entirely different, though, so it’s easy to feel the way that you do. Personally, I would consider 50 for a boost, but ten dollars for a name change is absurd to me.

  2. I’m not going to spend the money. I’d spend the money on another RaF session instead if I really wanted more characters. $5 gets you two months to level as many 85’s as you want. The extra 5 levels isn’t a big deal. I didn’t like that they raised the price on the expac too, but I’m just cheap I guess. Not sure if I’ll be playing still so not going to preorder until I know how things shake out. If I do buy the expansion then I’ll use the boost on an alliance warlock tailor/engineer.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the price increase, and was also annoyed by it. As it is Blizzard has a tendency to toss in features that could easily be a normal content patch, add in the new expansion zone details and call it a day. I feel like I overpay in the first place and now it’s even more.

      As for RaF, to play devil’s advocate you need to recognize that not everyone has the time to make the most out of the feature. The 90 is instant and takes no time investment at all and that’s where the appeal lies (regardless of how cheap you and I are, lol).

      That you might not be playing anymore come Warlords is disappointing, but your reasons are your own and no doubt understandable.

  3. I decided to spend the money, I’ve been meaning to level a monk so the oppurtunity to boost it to level 90 was great for me, but of course gotta learn the hard way as its auto 90 with skills, rotation and all that, i took advantage of that feature. No regrets. some players has different opinions about it for sure. But I still have my level 35 shamman if you decided to quest with your warrior sometimes lol let me know! I still like to do the old school way of leveling other characters this way i got to get some gold and farm around some mats still helps a lot. Im working on my DK right now currently level 87 hopefully will hit 90 this weekend.

    Please by all means also ask if you need help or I always favor of questing with someone. Soloing is okay but sometimes could be boring. lol I had fun questing in groups. Anyway, just holler in game. =)

    • That’s a two way straight and nothing wrong with taking advantage of it. It proves that it isn’t “too” high, as let’s face it you certainly won’t be the only one.

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