5 comments on “Cleanin’ Out The Closet

  1. I was never high up enough in a regular guild to have any say over bank tabs. Now I just have my personal guilds. Dawnstrider Tribe has all six standard tabs, organized as gems, enchanting & elemental materials, miscellany (Outland rep items and other random stuff), cloth, leather & herbs, and metals. Dawnstrider Midden has two tabs for my collection of shirts and common quality RP wear, a tab for cloth & leather transmog gear, a tab for mail & plate transmog gear and weapons, and a “museum” tab for readable books and non-soulbound objects with fun flavor text. House Dawnstrider just has three tabs, again two for shirts and common quality RP wear and a third for crafting mats. One of these days, I’ll get those of my alts on Argent Dawn who aren’t in Single Abstract Noun organized into a Dawnstrider Clan guild….

    • Ok, for a personal bank, I absolutely love the museum idea! Sounds like otherwise your tabs are set up the same as I tend to do mine.

  2. Our bank tabs are chaos. They are loosely divided but it’s still messy. Donations are the worst tabs because they are higglety pigglety but supplies tab at least has supplies in it and gems has gems etc. But it’s a bit like the Bermuda triangle sometimes – things go in, but they don’t come out and there are things that have been there for years…

    • Henceforth it is my goal to try to use higglety pigglety in context. That’s awesome.

      Guild Banks are very much the Bermuda Triangle. I think half the problem is that people forget to check it when they need something.

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