Marching Into April


Hard to believe it’s already the end of March.  It really flew by.  At the start, of course, I put together a small list of things I wanted to try to accomplish.  For what it’s worth, after two weeks I looked like I was going to blow through things with the greatest of ease.  I had no problem getting Paramita to 45, or a Pandarian level for Liouxpold (he’s now 86).  Even Semblance.  I wanted to get her to 35 and ended up with a level 40 Warrior.  My successful attempt at cleaning up the Claws of Nature Guild Bank is also well documented.  Unfortunately, that’s where my accomplishments end.  Sure, I did get other things done unexpectedly, but not the other items on the list.

  • Junkshot only made it to level 15
  • Elcombe barely completed 1-2 Fishing Dailies, nevermind getting two levels.
  • Saintvache made it to 451 Herbalism.  Wow, I never realized how tedious that can be.  Never touched his Enchanting either.
  • I also didn’t make it to 2,500 daily quests.  I know I’m less than 100 quests from that goal though, so that one will come in April.

A couple of those I might’ve come closer to completing if not for coming down with something this past weekend.  All three of us in the Amateur household are suffering from it, though I think Mrs. Amateur has it the worst.  But the key is focusing on the things that did get done and moving forward and building upon.  So a quick to do list for April and then a little blogging exercise.

  • Junkshot (15) to 20
  • Liouxpold (86) to 87
  • Semblance (40) to 50
  • Boost my Engineers: Carrera (392), Semblance (185), Oddfodder (116), Vortmar (112)
  • Still get a friggin’ Alchemist started somewhere…
  • 2,500 daily quests should be easy to obtain at this point.
  • Saintvache to 600 Herbalism (again)
  • Maybe get my Albino Drake.
  • Get to level 20 in Hearthstone in April for the sexy Pandaren card backs.

We’ll see how things go this time around.  I already know a good chunk of the coming weekend is a write off, so I expect to be a touch behind the 8-ball.  Either way the important thing will be to once again focus on what I do manage to accomplish.

So now the blogging exercise.  I really don’t know where Mrs. Amateur found this, but it’s one I can definitely handle doing.  It’s another 30 days type of exercise, but the questions (to me) are pretty straight forward with good odds of being easy to answer.  How much elaboration comes with the answer is entirely up to the writer.  I know AmerPriest plans on doing it as well, and I would love to know if anyone else decides they’re up for it.

See you in April!


4 thoughts on “Marching Into April

  1. Mon Plays WoW March 31, 2014 / 8:09 pm

    Ooo another 30 days questions! I can see myself doing that too! As for tedious professions, my baby goblin is leveling her professions to 600 – LW & Skin… from 1. I spent the time collecting Horde battle pets while killing scorpions and pigs haha!

    • JD Kenada March 31, 2014 / 8:20 pm

      Oh…Skinning would definitely be a painful one. Sure, there are no doubt pockets of zones where you could just follow the dead animals and get your quota, but there must be some serious lulls in there too. You certainly have me cheering you on!

      …and really, can there be such a thing as too many “30 days?” I mean, we can’t necessarily do all of them, but each is fun just the same.

  2. AmerPriest March 31, 2014 / 10:08 pm

    OMG! YES! I will try to do it! but damn so much homework going on lately! Thanks for the mention and this will be quiet a challenge for month of April! you ready for this JD? lol well see! ❤

    • JD Kenada April 1, 2014 / 12:44 am

      I’m ready. It’s easier to write 3-4 days in advance than it was to grab screenshots if I needed to! LOL

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