4 comments on “Marching Into April

  1. Ooo another 30 days questions! I can see myself doing that too! As for tedious professions, my baby goblin is leveling her professions to 600 – LW & Skin… from 1. I spent the time collecting Horde battle pets while killing scorpions and pigs haha!

    • Oh…Skinning would definitely be a painful one. Sure, there are no doubt pockets of zones where you could just follow the dead animals and get your quota, but there must be some serious lulls in there too. You certainly have me cheering you on!

      …and really, can there be such a thing as too many “30 days?” I mean, we can’t necessarily do all of them, but each is fun just the same.

  2. OMG! YES! I will try to do it! but damn so much homework going on lately! Thanks for the mention and this will be quiet a challenge for month of April! you ready for this JD? lol well see! ❤

    • I’m ready. It’s easier to write 3-4 days in advance than it was to grab screenshots if I needed to! LOL

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