7 comments on “30 Days (April) – Alliance Or Horde?

    • I only found out who he was, thanks to WoW’s Trade Channel…and that was apparently well after he was “famous.” And I only live half an hour from his town.

  1. We don’t necessarily blame you for the Bieb’s Just for not taking him back.

    Oh, and first 2 years of playing for me, Alliance, last 2 1/2 has been horde. I don’t feel it is so much one faction or another, but more what kind of people on your particular server are like on either side. No one like to play with A$$hats

    • I would agree that asshats are very frustrating, which is why Real ID has become a good thing (and also removed the necessity of playing one faction or the other in order to have to hang with friends).

      And no…we’re not taking that clown back.

  2. Ugh!!! Just got done with my physical theraphy this morning. And I’m hungry as he’ll so I drop by to get some pha veitnamese food. And then reading this!

    Time for me to do same for April 1st. Dang you beat me jd! Lol anyway though. My thoughts Will be posted soon. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure most days I’ll be ahead of you. I’ve had the chance to pre-write several already. Heh. But, it shouldn’t be a race. It’s all about learning abour the writer and indulging in fun dialogue. 😀

      Mmm..vietnamese food. Damn it, now I’m hungry. And at work. *sigh*

      • I know that its never a race! Just teasing you. I managing too many sites atm and im just keeping updates and trying to catch up on everything. But anyway, I just posted my April 1st Challenge. Its short but just answers everything i need i think.

        And yes, I love my food LOL I was so hungry earlier haha! wish i could share it with you! =)

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