30 Days (April) – Dragonflight

Favourite Dragonflight?  Oh geeze…that’s tough.  I mean, truth be told, I like them all.  To pick just one is a bit difficult.  If I’m going to, then I’ll buck the trend.  I’m going to select Black.  I think collectively, they have the most compelling lore and stories.  They were the antagonists in many cases, from Onyxia’s puppetry in Stormwind, to the fall of Deathwing at the end of Cataclysm (not that he didn’t cause enough trouble the first time around).  This is one time where it’s not necessarily rooting for the bad guy, it’s more to the effect of a hero only being as good as his/her adversary.  The black dragonflight challenged everyone to fight back.  And we did, and as a result were up for pretty much anything out there.  They set the proverbial bar, as it were.

I could probably write a two part post for all of the things the Black Dragonflight were a part of, or responsible for, but I’m just going to mention a couple of personal favourites:

  • Onyxia’s manipulation of Stormwind.  As Katrana Prestor, she controlled much of the human kingdom’s city and people.  The lead to her grand reveal was just so much fun to do (save for escorting Marshal Windsor through a circling of BRD).
  • Neltharion giving in to the whispers of the Old Gods.  Deathwing’s betrayal and then causing the Cataclysm gave Azeroth two rounds of chaos.
  • Blade’s Edge Mountains.  The Black Dragonflight had sought to hide from Azeroth in Outland, and specifically the mountains themselves.  The Alliance came knocking though, but so did a rather large Ogre named Gruul.  It’s actually a great story if you haven’t done the zone.
  • Wrathion.  Say what you will about Rogue Daggers and Epic Cloaks…this kid is going to be more than just a pawn in WoW’s future.  It’s just a matter of what happens when he utters “checkmate.”

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