30 Days (April) – Favourite Religion/Spirituality

When it comes to World of Warcraft, I really don’t give the religion aspect of it much thought.  I’m sure that sounds really funny coming from a guy who’s only max-level characters are a Priest and a Paladin.  I enjoy both classes, but never really stop to think about them (or their abilities) on a spiritual level.  I guess I just don’t “walk with the light,” as it were.

When thinking long enough, the Draenei epitomize religion and faith in my opinion.  Much in the sense that the Scarlet Crusade does, but the Draenei aren’t really zealots about it.  Most assuredly there’s a big difference there.  But they also base their belief heavily on “the light” and the church.

Honestly, I don’t connect with any in particular.  Obviously I very much respect the idea of the Earthmother and how the Tauren approach that spirituality, and the Druid followers of Cenarius as well.  Having said that, I think it’s actually the Trolls that I think have it in order.  Ok, not the crazy savage takeover Trolls.  Actually, yes, even the crazy ones.  In the end, they all follow the loa.

When talking about the loa I’m not full on trumpeting voodoo.  The core belief of the loa is more to the fact each thing, be it living, sentient…or other…has its own spirit.  When something dies, the spirit lives on.  At its core it’s a very simple belief and falls within some of my own theories on the other side of the grass.  So Trolls honour the fallen spirits with ceremonies, which is where the voodoo tends to come into play.

Animal aspects, or Primal Gods, are their deities as it were.  What powers and abilities worshippers are able to envoke depends entirely on which Primal God is being prayed to.  We’ve seen these results in the various Zul dungeons and these are where it goes a little  bit too far obviously.  But that doesn’t necessarily separate it from other religious followings.  At the heart of the matter I think any of the Trolls have the right spirituality, it’s just some choose to take darker paths with that spirituality.

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