4 comments on “30 Days (April) – Favourite Mount

  1. Yep! the jade one mounts are awesome was just talking about that with my guild mate as he has the black one I was so jealous… I may have a JC that can make these but damn the mats are expensive! Great choice of a mount! definitely one of the best as ground and flyer in one.

    I haven’t picked one myself yet… soon i will post it here before work time. Thanks for sharing and yes i noticed that you did posted this image more than once which is okay, i do that sometimes too lol

    • I posted it because it wasn’t the mount that I liked. It was that the mount I liked the most is the one I gave friends, and that’s the picture from when I gave them to them.

      It is still one of my favourites just the same though, heh. 😀

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