6 comments on “Abandoned Faire

    • Yeah, the Merry-Go-Round stole the fear show. It was like Joker’s Carnival in Gotham City. I kept waiting for Batman to swoop in.

  1. That has happened to me once in a while, and I agree, it’s quite creepy! I kept expecting something to jump out at me to either eat me, or say ‘Surprise!’ Your explanation seems like a sound one, because I think I logged in one day before the fair started when that happened to me.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one it has happened to. It’s very surreal, but at the same time is somewhat nice to explore the island quietly. But yes, it’s still quite eerie all the same.

  2. Oh wow, that really IS creepy! Thanks for sharing all the screenies. I’m totally going to have to leave an alt logged out there after there faire is over now. 😛

    • I like when someone makes these discoveries and shares them, so I most certainly had to do the same.

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