8 comments on “Literary Azeroth Part Three

  1. WARNING! SPOILERS! (though, if you have read this article then you’ve probably read the book)
    I have read most of the Warcraft books, and I have to say, War Crimes was one of my favorites. I totally agree with you on the development of Baine and Tyrande, as I thought it was well done and believable. However, I really enjoyed the Veressa/ Sylvannas plot line. I loved that instead of hating each other, they banded together towards a common goal. It was fascinating to read about the level of humanity (well, elf-anity) that Sylvannas retains, and also the assumptions that she makes (seriously, you think you HAVE to turn your sister into a banshee in order to live happily ever after??).
    Jaina and her story line was ok, but I understand how hard it is to write a character that has had everything taken away from them. Oh, I loved the Anduin and Garrosh thing a lot. That was well done. The trial, at parts, did become Law and Order: Azeroth as you said, but I thought it was an accurate portrayal of what would happen.
    All in all, I really enjoyed War Crimes. I thought it was well thought-out and believable, and the characters were written superbly. And, even though it didn’t have much action, the book was delightfully suspenseful!

    • Yeah, Anduin and Garrosh was nicely done. B Law and Order I just felt at times they weren’t Baine and Tyrande but just lawyers. Fortunately, those moments were fleeting.

      I do love the Windrunner stuff, but other than appear to put another nail in the coffin (no pun intended), what has it left Sylvanas with? That’s the problem I have. She’s even more angry and bitter as a result of it. Unless it was to show her sister ISN’T the same kind of person, I just don’t feel the ends justified the means.

      • I think Golden was trying to add another layer of character to Sylvannas; she isn’t just a heartless zombie, and does have chinks in her armor. But I agree, Sylvannas herself did not get anything out of it, just the readers did. And maybe Veressa. As much as I love Veressa and Jaina’s ‘kill kill kill’ mentality, it’s not as interesting a personality to me. Hopefully, Veressa will move beyond this phase because of this story arc.
        Here’s a thought, maybe this will push Sylvannas to become even more sinister and twisted? While I don’t necessarily like evil characters, that could be cool. She could possibly push the worgen to actually do something besides be furry night elves. Golden might have been building Sylvannas up to be a plot catalyst!

        • I was thinking that, too. But honestly if Sylvanas does something Garroshy, so to speak, it can’t end well. She either gets ended and the Forsaken would need a new leader…which I just don’t buy into at all, or the Forsaken end up kicked out of the Horde. I can’t see that either.

          If she continues to wreak a little havoc here and there, I’m fine with that. But I think Vereesa is pretty much done for a long while and will focus on being a mom instead.

        • I think the whole book is about an individual’s ability to change, and whether or not you choose to do so. With Garrosh, the option is there and he flat out refuses. Sylvanas is surprised that she even has the option – she discovers that she has the capacity to feel, to LOVE again – and I think this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the Forsaken race, including the Banshee Queen.

          • As I said to you, though, I think all it did was show the possibility WAS there and now it’s gone completely. Again.

  2. I wasn’t sure about it because I sorta wished Garrosh wasn’t getting a trial because I kinda know what he did already… but because you recommended it, I think I shall get it to read.

    • That’s just it. Baine does an amazing job of convincing the characters who want him dead, why they shouldn’t. That alone makes it a sound read.

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